Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The following post will be related to my period.  Nothing gross or weirdly in-depth, but my lupus is exacerbated by hormone fluctuations.  Plus, you know, periods suck to begin with.  You have been warned.

Each morning Kevin hits the snooze button anywhere from once to five times.  It's a problem, but we always manage to get to work/school/whatever so we kinda just pretend that we're high functioning snoozeaholics.  Then I slept in even longer, convincing myself that since my training didn't start until 9* I could get some extra Z's. No yoga this morning.  I just couldn't get motivated.  Then I got up out of bed and I realized why... blammo!  My period was starting.  I was fine for the first half hour and then the lower back pain and the cramps began.  And then (don't tell Kevin I'm admitting to this) I started getting so crazy-psycho irritable.  I don't like being that stereotypical bitch on her period.  It's obnoxious.  Ugh.

*The training actually started at 9:30.  I was all stressed out because I was running "late" and then I barked at a receptionist when I couldn't figure out which room I was supposed to be in.  Then she told me that they would be calling me back for the training, but that wouldn't be until around 9:30... when it was supposed to start.  Whoops.

Anywho, my schedule today was training, lots of work, more training, then home. With all that I wanted to make sure I wasn't tempted to have snacks that may be provided by the training facilitators.  So I went prepared with hummus, tangerines, and rye crisps for snacks.  Here was my full menu:
3/4 cup yogurt with a hint of maple syrup, flax seed, blueberries, and some walnuts.
Snack 1
Hummus and Rye Crisps, Tangerines
Leftover quinoia with pomegranate seeds, apples, and scallions
No salad today!  Frownie face.  As I said before, I was "running late" for my "9 am" training.
Snack 2
Avocado tartine
Tuscan white bean and kale soup

That was the planned menu, anyway...
.....and now for the actual meal that I inhaled in all of three minutes.....

Famous star with extra pickles.  Yes, please.
I really believe that my iron levels get low while I'm on my period.  Without fail I always have a craving for some sort of red meat while I'm on my period.  Typically this craving is indulged on the first day when I'm feeling like crap.  If you're sick you get a treat, right?
Well, that's how it's going to work in my house!
On the bright side, my lupus related stuff hasn't blown up.  Hands hurt a bit (I should stop typing, huh?) and I had a small amount of chest pain earlier, but nothing crazy.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
I'm going to go feel just the slightest bit sorry for myself now.  Kevin's playing video games.  I'm also going to be working to suppress the crazy bitch inside of me so I don't yell at him to pay attention to me.  He did go buy me a burger after all.  I'm a lucky woman.