Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beware of the Hangry

I wasn't planning on posting tonight.  Frankly, I just wanted to get home.  The crap thing about social work is that you are obligated to do a home visit once per month with your kids.  When most families work and/or go until school that puts most home visits in the 4-6 pm range.  That's the same range of time I like to be at home with my feet up and a glass off wine in my hand.  Eh, such is life.
My day was long today. I was busy and working non-stop until around 3:30, then I drove off to a home visit that was supposed to start at five.  I got there at a quarter until, then proceeded to wait a half hour until I could leave.  Sigh....
I finally got back to Folsom from Rocklin (A nice 45 minute drive with traffic) but needed to get some groceries before making dinner.  Of course, by this time my neck was killing me, I was tired, and I had just gotten over a bit of shock from damn-near being rear-ended. Then, I proceeded to shop at the closest grocery store instead of the one I was familiar with.  Tack on an additional 30 minutes for wandering around, trying to find pitas (unsuccessfully, I may add).  By this point, I was in no mood for the chipper talk from the baggers.  It was around 6:30.  I decided to stop at the nearby Papa Murphy's for some DeLite Pizza to put myself out of my misery.  Herb Mediterranean Chicken DeLite?  Yes, please.  Paper plates?  Why not?  Aaaand a glass of wine to take the edge off and stop me from yelling at Kevin for not answering his phone.  He does that.  It's annoying.
It's good to be home.  I'm now watching 28 Days Later (I <3 Zombies!) and nursing my Oncoming UTI- ig Special:  Pure Cranberry Juice, a big splash of diet 7up, and a splash of vodka.  Yes, alcohol tended to make UTIs worse.  However, a lack of vodka makes pure cranberry juice worse as well.  It's a terrible. The pure cranberry juice and the UTI, that is. And the no drinking.  And the suggestion to abstain from sex.  It's a shit situation.
Tomorrow is a long day of training followed by my feeble attempt to convince a published social worker to write a book with me.  It's going to be embarrassing.

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