About Me

Hi, I'm Kara!

I'm originally from the great Inland Northwest... Spokane, Washington to be exact.  I now live in California, but I will always be a Washintonian at heart.  Symptoms include refusing to use umbrellas in the rain and excess tree snobbery.

As  you will see on my Lupus Journey page, I've had lupus symptoms since age twelve.  Like other aspects of my life, I worked hard to not let my illness define me.  After graduating from high school I spent a year at Eastern Washington University before transferring to the Cal State University system to live with my now-husband, Kevin.  We were married after I finished my bachelor's degree in Social Work in 2009. 

I went back for Master's degree in Social Work as a Title IV-E student with plans to work in child welfare.  I'm very happy to say that I managed to graduate in May of 2011, despite what seemed like a thousand mountains of boulders falling upon me at one point or another.  I'm currently working to find my dream child welfare job.... I know it's out there!

I keep pretty busy... I'm volunteering my time with an amazing agency to gain experience (and let's be honest, nurture my soul, I love my job!).  I'm also a pretty busy wife, trying to eat healthy while keeping the anti-weird-sounding-food hubby happy.  He doesn't like hummus.  Oy.  Somehow we make it work.  I'm also a proud auntie, a sister, a friend, and a doting granddaughter.  Not to mention I have my own little (furry) bundle of joy:

His name is Spartacus and he's four years old and a Boston Terrier (also known as America's Gentleman).  He also happens to be one of the biggest Bostons ever, now weighing in at 35 lbs.  I know that I used a puppy picture of him, but I figure if I get to use a two year old, touched up wedding photo then Sparty is allowed to show off how adorable he was with floppy puppy ears.  Spartacus keeps me young and energetic.  Even if he sleeps all day while we're at work, if I need a nap after work he's right there for his Mama.  

While Lupus has changed my life a bit, I refuse to let it change me.  I no longer run, but I now rock some water therapy and I'm bicycling.  The sun has become my enemy, but Spartacus and I enjoy early morning and sunset walks together, and hikes with SPF 100 and a big ass hat.

I'm honest here on the blog, as well as open, sarcastic, and a bit trucker-mouthed.  I hope you can respect that (or at least offer some good retorts), and find yourself appreciating my lupus-related venting.

Nice to meet you!