Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello from the new place!

Hello, everyone!
It's been about a month and a ton has been going on.  In that time we went to Seattle to celebrate my Bro-in-law's 30th birthday (which was a surprise, so I could write about it... it was difficult), I packed up the apartment, we signed our lease, we started moving, my volunteer work has gotten busier, life has gotten more stressful... I'm not going to lie, there were a few days of bursting into tears.

With all this stress (and a bit of gluten), my body has been a bit peeved with me.

The trip to Seattle was wonderful.  I was gluten-free the entire time with the small exception of some clam chowder from a place in Pike Place and a delicious croissant from a French bakery.  If you're going to eat gluten, people- go French.  There's my life advice for the day.

Our new apartment is nice.  It's on the top floor so it gets tons of happy light without peepers looking in the windows as they walk past.  During the move I was very good about not over-lifting- but 50 trips up and down the stairs with 15 pound boxes still isn't a picnic.  And then we had to feed our wonderful friend who helped us out.  Papa John's to the rescue!  That was the end of my splurging, however.  I've been good ever since.

Because the whole point of moving was to save money we've been trying to get as much of our security deposit back as possible.  Painting, cleaning, cleaning.  Ugh.  At a certain point I told my hubby that I couldn't do it anymore.  So, we recruited some old friends: Molly Maids.  They cleaned our place once a month during my intense thesis writing time and I always loved the results.  So, they should be cleaning away at our empty apartment this afternoon- leaving only a couple things that I may need to touch up tomorrow afternoon.  But then, we're out.  And we should get most of our deposit back (minus 150 from the cleaning service... and however much a new screen costs... I doubt they will miss Spartacus's "doggy door" on the slider").  I plan on celebrating by letting my new apartment get absolutely filthy.

It's pretty apparent that the stress has been taking a toll.  My most recent appointment with my rheumy I was definitely flaring at the time- joint pain, fever, fatigue.  It showed in my labs as well: My antibodies to double stranded DNA was a bit higher than normal (which is rare for me) and my platelet count was low (again).  Negative for antiphospholipid syndrome, though.  Huzzah!

For more information on lupus-related blood tests check out the Lupus Foundation website.

Well, I'm feeling guilty for not doing work... so I think it's time to sign off for now.  Have a good week!