Sunday, January 30, 2011

Low Motivation Today....

I'm supposed to be working on my thesis right now.  Or my homework... or the housework.  I just have no motivation today.  Could be the lupus, could be the steroids... or it could be the rainy, cold weather that makes me want to snuggle with Spartacus instead of doing anything.  I thought maybe if I did some babbling on here it would inspire me.
I would love a case of puppy lap right now.
I just spent the past half an hour browsing various message boards.  I've recently come to the conclusion that making friends in real life seems rather difficult.  I can't seem to find anyone who shares my interests- where have all the tomboys gone?  Add to that the sociological fact that people tend to associate with others who at similar life stages to their own and I'm just not supposed to make friends in grad school.  To be married without children seems to be an enigma. I've been contemplating taking an ad out in the paper:
"23 year old, married, female graduate student and social worker who enjoys football, beer, and good food seeks friendship with a male or female of similar tastes. Excessive partiers need not apply."
Is "partier" a word?
Anywho, so I've been browsing various message boards, thinking that the internet is probably the best place to find a like-minded individual- but even then it's not working out.  I've belonged to the Lupus Foundation board for awhile now- it's a great place for general questions about lupus and finding people with similar symptoms.  It makes you feel less crazy, really, which is always nice.
However, I can't help but notice that the boards are full of nothing but whining.  And, of course, people who like uplifting whiners with promises that things get better, the board is there to help you, etc. Which, of course, is crap, since the boards are really slow.  It takes a good day for anyone to respond to a topic.  There's not even a section of the board for non-lupus related talk. I'm sorry, but lupus is not my entire life.  So, while it would be nice to make a lupus-friend, I don't think it's in the cards.
I next checked The Nest- a branch of  Back before getting married I was member of The Knot to help me with inspiration ideas.  I met a great bunch of ladies- including Leila (Who I've been meaning to link to for days now... whoops), who were down-to-earth, but fun, and really helpful in times of stress. They had careers and practical dreams.. they were mature! The only bummer was/is that they all live in Washington.  And they like the Twilight series. Sigh...
Anywho, the Nest ended up being very baby-crazy.  Don't get me wrong, I've got the itch, but it's so far from a possibility right now that I don't want to read about it.  I still may give the site a shot if I find a Sac area group- but for now I'm back to square one.  
As much as I'm bitching, I want it to be clear that I still have my best friend.  
At the Ball. It was like the good prom I never had.
I will be very happy if I only have Kevin as a friend for the rest of my life.  Or, at least until we enter that married with kids part of our life.  I hear you make tons of friends once you start popping out babies.  
In the meanwhile, Facebook comes in handy.  I still have connections to friends from high school.  Most of them are too far away to grab a beer with, but it's still nice to interact.  So long as I don't become one of these:

How do you meet new people?


  1. Have you tried the gym? I haven't necessarily made any gym friends, but I see the same group of gals every morning and I've started chatting with them.
    Do you run or bike? Spokane has the F*ing running club, that does a 5K every Thursday night and then winds up at O'Dohrety's to drink beer. There is also a bike club that essentially does the same thing out of The Swamp. I bet Sac has something similar...

  2. My gym-going has been rare recently- I'm building up my strength with water therapy and yoga at home. Hopefully eventually I can rock the elliptical again, but for now my knees are having none of it!
    The biking idea is really great- I'll just need to get over my disgust with bike shorts.

  3. Are there any young couples where your husband works? Maybe one of the wives needs a friend too.

  4. Long story short- the team my husband works with isn't very social. I wish there were more events that the company invites significant others to, but it's usually around once per year. Thanks for the suggestion, though!