Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meal planning, chores, cooking smarter

Yesterday was an awesome day.  The Seahawks beat the Saints (the reigning Super Bowl Champs) and I had a date night with Kevin.  I ended up getting a falafel pita for dinner.  It had pickles.  I was pleased.  Then we went to see True Grit, which was quite good.  I avoided the popcorn and snuck in a bottle of white tea.  I ended the date night with a bite of dark chocolate and some grocery list writing.  It's an exciting life I lead.
As previously mentioned, I'm continuing to do the Food-Lover's Cleanse, but as I'm not following it exactly I don't feel right labeling my posts as such.  I'm mixing and matching the combinations of breakfasts, snacks, and lunches I've had in the past to save a bit of money and use ingredients we already have on-hand.
Today's to-do list is long.  This was made more difficult by the fact that Kevin and I seemed to be in a coma until 9 am.  Late start to the day, that's for sure. I started out by doing yoga with Kevin.
The lateral angle pose is giving me trouble.  My shoulder doesn't like to move in that way and my arm gets tired really quickly.  This is what it should look like if you're a pro:
Haughty bitch.
I have anger issues when it comes to yoga.  I regularly think about hurting the people in the yoga videos, usually because they hold the pose longer than I think it really necessary or because their arm/leg/back/whatever is bent in a way that is just not humanly possible.  I think I should get better at yoga before I attempt classes.
So, after I finished my yoga and I showered I made the planned breakfast for this morning:  Sweet Potato Hash with Egg.
Oh my gawd.  This is Kev's manly sized portion, btw.
I did make one big mistake.  I missed the line where the cleanse told me to swap out the three tablespoons of butter for olive oil.  So, my breakfast was extra delicious.  Whoops.

The plan for later:

Lunch/Snack (Breakfast was at 11:30!)
Almond-Banana Smoothie (with yogurt)
Salmon & Lime Cakes
Curried Lentil Soup

I also need to do all of the laundry.  I'm glad Kevin and I swapped chores, my hands really used to hurt after doing the dishes.  That being said, I hate doing laundry.  I may have a drink. I'm really relying on that 3-4 drink/week allowance for the cleanse.
I'm also taking the opportunity to get ahead for the week- I'm making trail mix freezer cookies and a nice big batch of my citrus-shallot vinaigrette.  I bought a trail mix that was on sale- supposedly geared towards women (it has some soy nuts in it).  You chop it up and throw it in the batter.  It has regular all-purpose and whole wheat flour.  I'm excited.
Back to work tomorrow.  I'm so energized I don't even dread the approaching work week.  It's nice.
Oh, and GO PACKERS!  If they win the Seahawks have an easy game next week.  Huzzah!

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