Friday, August 6, 2010

What a fun couple of weeks!

I had a fantastic time in Spokane! For the most part, I was in fantastic health for the entire time. The only issue was my slight cat allergy to Pickles, Mama and Papa's cat.
I was able to play with Damien a whole bunch! We rocked some t-ball, Damien climbed on my back and said "Rawr!" (I think I was a lion), and we made lots of "soup". After that first day of being a lion, or a dinosaur, or whatever, I decided not to do that anymore, but it was still fun.
The day I got back I needed a day to recoup. I visited Don to get some tightness worked out, then sat on my butt for the rest of the day. I ended up needing the day after, too, but now I'm back to my happy self. Two days is a pretty short recovery time- normally it's a week or so. I had a great workout in the pool at PT- some cardio, abs, and arms. My knees were a bit cranky so I didn't work them too hard. But, I think I'll be all set to go camping!
We're headed to Black Butte Lake for a couple nights with our Sparty. I'm planning on reading, fishing, and putting a dent in a case of Miller Lite.
Have a great weekend!

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