Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today is going to be wonderful... hopefully!

First of all, I did end up going to the gym yesterday. 30 minutes on the elliptical and I was sweating horridly. :) I'm contemplating whether to go today or to just take a long walk with Kevin and Spartacus in the evening. It definitely will make me feel like less of a fat-ass (pardon the swearing, but seriously, I do feel like one).

It probably doesn't help that my period is due to arrive. I switched my birth control and this is my first round of monthly fun. Before I was on Jolessa which allowed me to have a period once every three months. Due to the fact that my arthritis likes to act up when I'm on my period it was a rather good plan for me. However, I would have to wait every three months for a guarantee that Baby wasn't making an appearance. Given that I'm not supposed to have a baby in the works for another couple of years, I wanted a monthly reminder that I was still in the clear. We could handle a baby right now, but it would possibly mean sacrificing my graduation date. And I've kinda worked really hard to graduate in May 2011. :) Besides, in 2 or 3 years we'll be financially stable, maybe with a house and some family close by to babysit. I think mini-me (or mini-Kevin, whatever) would like that (note how I'm not openly sharing his name... no one will steal it that way!.

So, enough over-sharing about my current condition of being "overwhelmed with fluids", as my friends from the Renaissance era would say (I have got to stop working on this thesis....). Anywho, new BC is okay. I've already noticed a change in my complexion. I'd like you to meet Ralph, he's the huge pimple on my forehead. Sigh. Other than that, no crazy side effects. I know it will have been a good decision to switch in the long run.

Today I'm going to be getting a facial from my girl Laurel at Perceptions Salon and Spa. It's one of their introduction deals. 30 minutes free. :D I almost went for the full hour at 40 bucks more, but I thought that I didn't want to indulge myself too much. I still need to go grocery shopping and then come back and work on my thesis after wards. Regardless, it should be very relaxing and hopefully it will help get rid of Ralph.

I don't live a sad life- do I?

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