Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been trying to use spare half hours in my days to catch a bit more of a workout. This started up last week with my impromptu trip to the gym after my brain got fried while thesisizing.
I've now twice done the P90X workout since then. I love how much it makes me sweat- plus I get an arm and leg workout. It's very soothing. I allowed myself some yoga after spending all day in a training for a program I already know how to use (halfway, but still... it was terribly boring).
I noticed today that I was slipping a lot- especially during downward dog. I wiped the mat, I turned it over, I wiped myself off- nothing worked. I plan on moving my mat to a new spread of carpet tomorrow. Maybe our new area rug is too squishy. Frankly, I kinda like the squishyness- I tell myself it's easier on my joints. While researching this issue I came across these:

Note the super cute puppy!  But, I digress.  They are toe socks with little grippy things on the soles.  It cracks me up a bit due to the fact that toe socks were all the rage in middle school.  Plus, I do have issues with cold toes in the winter.  I may get a pair soon- as soon as we have an extra 15 bucks laying around.   Here's a link to the website.

Then of course, as all shopping excursions go, I found something else I liked:

 I guess they are like yoga blocks but you don't have to put your hands flat.  Some of the reviews talked about using it for older generations of yoga people (probably meaning people with arthritic hands).  I was told by my PT that my hand/wrist pain may decrease over time.  Guessing that the chances of that are unlikely, this may be a smart purchase for me.  Much more expensive than the toe sox, though.  Here's the website for these:


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