Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So, here it is: I probably could have gone to the gym today.
Lately my excuse for not going to the gym has been two-fold: First, I want to avoid a flare. Therefore, I've been avoiding any extra strain on my joints. But I've also been telling myself that all time I'm not sleeping or spending time with my husband I should be working on my thesis.
That last excuse is the one I feel the most guilty about.
I have been working on my thesis today, but there's also been periods of time that I've been daydreaming, staring at the television, staring at facebook, and staring at my thesis, praying it would finish itself.
If I were still in research mode I would go to the gym and take a book with me. Unfortunetly, I'm supposed to be writing the sections "The Renaissance through the Colonial period" and "The Victorian era through Freud". It's very difficult to type and work out at the same time. I've pondered it. Impossible, almost.
I believe tomorrow I'll do better. Or maybe I'll do better today. Should I go right now? This process is obviously burning me out. Maybe I need a break.
I'll go and see if it makes any difference...

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