Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is the point where I say "yeah, I saw this coming", or "might as well, it's going to rain anyway" or something depressing or negative like that. I'm feeling very Eeyore.
I'm trying to compare how I'm feeling today to how I felt two days ago. I had PT on Tuesday and again today. Tuesday I was so peppy and happy... optimistic. Yesterday I walked around campus to get books and drop off papers. Then Kevin and I walked the dog around. I still felt good but there was a certain fog hanging over me. Last night I realized why: Stiffness. Sinking. That ache where my bones try to melt into the bed... and then came the hopeless feeling.
By hopeless I don't mean depressed or anything like that. Mostly just "Damn, here we go again".
I'm not as far along on my thesis as I would like to be. This extreme fatigue thing isn't helping. I'm trying to be less stressed about it. Mantra.
Back to work. Updates coming tomorrow.

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