Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of the things Kevin is really serious about is what is and is not ironic. A simple coincidence is not ironic.
Here's one for the school books: I switched birth controls, as I shared previously, so that I could have more peace of mind about our family planing decisions (Read: I wanted a period monthly so that I would know that I wasn't pregnant). I've been off the active pills for the full week as of today and no period. In trying to give myself regular periods, switching hormones is actually causing me to not have a period. Irony.
It's not that I'm bummed out that I didn't have to endure cramps, backaches, and the whole tampon process. Believe me, I'm kinda cool with that. However, as long as I'm not having periods I'll have to take a pregnancy test once a month. Awesome. Those are 17 bucks for 3 tests. Can you believe that? It's something you pee on. Insane.
The lack of period does mean that I'm feeling really good lately. My diet is going well (usually I'm <1500 calories a day), my pain levels are low, and I have some energy most days. :)
Today I even let Kevin talk me into a bike ride. I'm proud to say that I kinda kicked his butt. I think my legs are better for endurance things than his are (since he really only does weightlifting). Also, I got a Jamba Juice out the meal. Bonus.
We're going to go to REI for some shorts for Kevin and some gloves for me. My hands don't hurt as much as they did the first time, but it would still probably be a good idea.
This is going to be a good weekend- Cassie and her parents will get here tonight and I take a hiatus from calorie counting for some gin and tonics and Chinese food.


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  2., the dollar store has pregnancy tests. (or at least, the ones up here in Cheney do.) And they're supposed to work pretty well. They're a little more like a chemistry set, but for $1.... ;)