Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Research Updates!

I got an email from the Lupus Foundation today!
Two good things about my undying love for hydroxychloroquine:

Hydroxychloroquine may help to delay the development of skin damage in some people with lupus. Since it is a very safe treatment if a person tolerates it well and continues to get their eyes checked at regular intervals, and since it is thought to have many benefits for people with lupus, this provides an additional reason to continue taking this drug when a person with lupus is feeling better. (Click to read the full study from the Lupus Foundation of America).

This study also mentioned that it appears that those with Raynauds also develop skin problems slower than those with Lupus who don't have Raynauds. Score one for the purple people!

Also, there's another article mentioning that anti-malarial drugs (such as hydroxycholoroquine) may decrease the chance of blood clots. (Click to read the full article from the Lupus Foundation of America) However, this article doesn't mention antiphospholipid syndrome at all. I just found out this past year that I have this fun condition that pairs up with lupus. I'm not sure if the article includes the clotting associated with this issue or just general clotting problems. Regardless, I'll continue taking both my anti-malaria drugs AND my baby aspirin.

Isn't it fantastic to see research being done on Lupus?

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