Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling fantastic!

This week is off to a super great start. Camping went well this past weekend- Kevin enjoyed it, Sparty had a blast, and I managed to avoid bad sunburn while getting a lot of reading done. It was really nice.
I'm feeling really great- the only problem is that I'm spending all of my feel-good time sitting on my butt working on my thesis. It's rather lame.
I did go to physical therapy today and got a really great arm workout. I'm contemplating doing another workout tomorrow but my hip flexors are being cranky, so we'll see.
During my major thesis work I've been rocking a lot of the instant meals- Subway, frozen meat sauce that I made a couple months ago, DeLite pizzas, etc. I'm also trying hard not to snack during the day but it's difficult. I'm trying to stick to fruits, veggies, and not-so-bad dips like hummus and salsa. Kevin has been really helpful in all this- cooking what he's able to and telling me that I look gorgeous to keep my self esteem up. He's very good at it.
For the rest of the evening I plan to veg and not think. I spent the entire day reading about how women were considered deviant and morally weak. It hurt my brain.

Good night! I think it's wine time!

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