Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yay for my eyes not being eaten!

Eaten by my plaquenil, that is. I've been having headaches for the past two weeks about and I thought that the plaquenil may be the culprit. Obviously, this was a scary thought for me as I prefer taking plaquenil to other, more damaging drugs. But, after a trip to the eye doctor and a round of that horrid stuff that dilates your eyes I was told that wasn't the cause. Thank goodness!
So, I'm supposed to make an appointment with my primary. I'm due for a physical anyway (blech) so I guess I'll schedule it after I return from Spokane.

Also, I had another kick ass day at PT. I rocked some deep water work to get my heartrate up and I used the bands to add a different dimension to my arm workout. It was a good time. Oh, and I chatted with a lovely old lady about arthritis. She was very nice.
I think I'm okay with being seen by this oother water therapist but I do worry that she's holding me back a bit. But, who knows, maybe I need to be held back for my own good?

Speaking of good- I'm going out to the pub tonight to meet some friends. I hardly ever do the bar-thing, so I think it will be fun for a change of pace. One of my friends is threatening to take me to a hip hop club afterward... which will NOT happen.

I leave for Spokane on Friday... I'm so excited!

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