Saturday, July 30, 2011

WFD weekend post- Date night tonight!

Behold the deliciousness planned for this evening. We're planning to add a nice horseradish sauce to the steak as well. And wine. And 10 Things I Hate About You.

It's going to be a great date.

There's deliciousness planned for the rest of this week too.  I've had a mean craving for some Noodle Express, a restaurant that I'm pretty sure only exists in the Inland Northwest.  Whatever their sauce is has been haunting my dreams lately, smothered all over some noodles with lots of veggies.  Yes, I may be going to Spokane in just a week, but for some reason I have to have it now.  Or, rather, tomorrow.  I think that's soon enough, but tonight I'm sure there will be some chicken osaka or a shrimp bowl behind my eyelids.

The chipotle pesto pasta is also a treat, and it will be getting rid of some leftover cotijia cheese.  The trout is a new recipe, I'm quite stoked to try it.  You can garnish it with cotijia as well.  Nom nom nom. Trout's one of my favorites, I'm excited about a new way to prepare it.

Friday is take-out for fewer dishes and travel prep.  My bestie, Cassie, will be coming for the night.  Then, first thing in the morning, we're all piling into my social work-mobile to go back to our hometown.  It will be a packed car- Spartacus should be excited for a backseat passenger to sit next to.

Before I sign out for the evening, here's a little treat for everyone:

Such a loss from the eye candy community... and a damn fine actor to boot.

Happy Saturday!

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