Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meatless monday... A day late!

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Last night we were at a Fourth of July party... celebrating America and all of her glory.  That, of course, means we couldn't do Meatless Monday.  Nothing says America like a big ol' burger or a pulled pork sammich.  Hells yeah.  I managed to be good about not eating too much... until my good friend introduced me to jello shots.  Drinking = excessive eating.  It happens.  Luckily I knew that being bad was a very real possibility so I worked my butt off in the pool and cleaned like a crazy woman before the party.   Can I just say how amazing it is that I've never experienced jello shots before?  I was in college for five years (not to mention I was a bad kid in high school, too)!  Now I know to be a bit more careful.
So, Happy Meatless Monday Tuesday!  These portobello melts were delicious- even my meat-loving-America hubby liked them. The smoky red pepper mayo was a great accent to the cheese and the filling fungi.  Time to get back on track!

How did you either prepare for the Fourth or keep yourself from over-indulging?  
...and (because I'm curious)....
What was your first jello shot experience?

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  1. My first jello shot was about 10 years ago - Halloween party with friends from Bernie's work. The shots are such a fun indulgence! As for not over-indulging, I think you covered it all. You did a lot of working out/activity ahead of time. And, there's nothing wrong with over-indulging as long as you don't do it all the time, right? You are also right about alcohol=overeating. Happens to everybody. Glad you had fun @ Cindy's!