Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been busy!

Life has been busy since returning from my camping trip!  I spent a couple days recuperating... I'm old school and home girl don't sleep on no air mattress out in nature.

....until next time.... my neck freaking hurt when I got back.  Thank goodness for these guys:
El Dorado Physical Therapy- they don't mess around!
Don's my homeslice... very bottom row on the right.

Once we returned my poor baby came down with a bad case of hives.  I had to take him to the doctor as he was all whimpering and pathetic, insisting on all sorts of special treatment, waking me up at night.... it was a whole to-do. clarify, I'm talking about Spartacus.  Kevin's behavior when he's ill is quite similar though. 
I did some other stuff for the hubs, though, as he was jealous of all the attention: I went to his Ultimate Frisbee game on Tuesday night.  Not a great spectator sport, but the competitive side in me soon came out and started barking for people to hustle.  (Says the girl who isn't allowed to run.)

Today was a bit bonkers.  It started out with a crazy speeding ticket.  Initially, I was pulled over for texting (I wasn't, btw, because I don't have a death wish).  When it became clear to the officer that he's not going to use me to reach his cell phone ticket quota this month, he slapped me with an "unsafe speed for conditions" ticket.  This usually has to do with driving too fast for weather, traffic, etc.  The officer stated that the "safe" speed for pushing navigate on my GPS is 0 mpg and I was going 15 mph.  Oy.

But that's water under the bridge, since I know that won't stick in court, plus... drum roll please...

That is a very old friend of mine, Christian Pepin.  He rawks and he's one of those up and coming artists who you secretly hate because they follow their musical dreams and you didn't (mostly because you didn't have talent).  Not sure why he needs to be shirtless while he practices, but I'm sure the ladies out there can think of a reason.  Here's his YouTube channel.

...right, the drum rolling had a reason... that thing that made my crappy morning worth it...

I have a job interview tomorrow!

Cross your fingers for me!

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