Friday, September 24, 2010


Man, I've been bitching a lot lately, haven't I?
I apologize.
But seriously, I'm going to bitch about my sciatica now, mmmkay?
I've been having that "twinge" in my butt for a bit over a day.  Last night it hit around a nine on the pain scale- I could still walk but I was whimpering and sobbing.  Not my most bad-ass moment.  I managed to get some sleep.  (Thanks, Vicodin!) However, I woke up still in pain, still walking funny, and dreading those desks at school.  I seriously considered champing it.  I am a bad-ass... regardless of crying into my pillow at midnight.

In the end I thought I could miss just this one.  And hey- I could use my day off to call my Rheumy!
Oh yeah... he's off on Fridays.  Rich bastard.  Social Workers will never probably never be able to have leisurely three day weekends every week.  Except for furlough Fridays... but don't even get me started on those...
There I go digressing again. Anyway- Dr. Mansour was off today.  I thought maybe my PT (Don) could work some magic.  He was entirely booked up.  I gritted my teeth and called my primary.
Quick background on my relationship with her:

  • In order to see specialists (Rheumies, for example) you need a referral.
  • Referrals come from Primary Physicians. Sigh.
  • She's HUGE on vaccines.  It's quite annoying to remind her, yearly, that I don't do the flu shot.
  • She's big on telling me about my diseases.  This drives me BONKERS. "You know, with lupus there's increased sensitivity to the sunlight so you should always wear sunscreen and just avoid the sun as much as possible."  No kidding?!  Thanks for the FYI, Dr. Obvious. "People with lupus often experience fatigue as a part of their condition." OMG.  Is this why I'm so tired all the time?! Thanks for the insight!
I should have gone to med school.
Wow, there goes my bitching again...

So, I don't really enjoy going to see her. Today she was helpful, though.  She gave me a shot of something that seemingly has reduced my pain down to around a 4.  However, this shot was in my ass.  For the first hour after receiving the shot I couldn't tell if the nerve pinching hurt more or if the injection site did.  

But, after a three hour nap I think I'm less cranky about the whole shot-in-the-ass thing.  I'm hopeful that Cassie and I will still be able to go wine tasting and apple picking tomorrow.  Apple Hill should be beautiful.  I'm taking my camera.  

I guess I should just be happy that I found something that made me feel a little better.  But seriously, the injection site still hurts.  


Have a great weekend everyone!  

My bed buddy today...

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