Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Darn my ambition!

I had this strange desire to go to the gym on Monday.  I got home around six and Kevin insisted that he could finish up dinner and that I should take my homework and chill out on the elliptical awhile.

....sooo I went....

               .....guess how that went...

It was actually great.  Well, the gym was crowded and full of the "professional" crowd (color coordinated gym clothes, using their blackberries in between sets, full-on makeup, lots of flirting.... isn't there anywhere else to meet people after work?) so I couldn't get the arc trainer I wanted.  Also, I'm the kind of person who likes a machine in the corner away from judgmental stares or people who happen to glance at my textbooks (Sexual Abuse in Nine North American Cultures was a fantastic gym read but I think people thought I was weird).  I didn't get an arc trainer and I was right next to the walkway.  Oh, well.

I worked up a great sweat, regardless.  I felt really proud of myself for conquering that voice in my head that told me that I had too many responsibilities to take time off to go to the gym.  Kevin was actually the one to do the conquering, but whatever.  I love him for it.  He even did the dishes.

Poor guy has to choose between his wife getting fat and doing the dishes.  I think grad school has been harder on him than me.

Ever since then my hips have been SCREAMING at me.  Tonight it's hard to put weight on my right side.
Goddamn husband forcing me to go to the gym.
.... I kid, I kid!
But seriously, I think I see a happy pill in my future.

I just can't believe that I went to the gym on Monday and I'm still suffering.  All I as trying to do was be healthy.  A less awesome person would be bitter about this.

Thankfully, I have many things that are keeping me going today.  I have TWO cases at work that I'm a part of.  I wish I could jump in more, but a bureaucracy is a difficult machine to work in.  I'm still not positive how all the cogs work.  Also, Kevin and I decided that if I ignore the candy dish at work 2/3 of the days I'm there in a month then we'll go to FroYo, my new favorite frozen yogurt place.  Nothing like rewarding yourself for not eating candy by eating delicious fat-free frozen yogurt.
                                 .....with crushed oreos on top.
And Cassie comes to town on Friday!  We're going to make applesauce, apple galette, and harvest cake (for the G-parents.  Plus, wine.

We like wine.  :-D

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