Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here we go!

School officially started last week and I survived it.

Mr. Cyst has decided to calm down a bit.  He still hurts occasionally but he's not interfering with too much of my activities.  I wanted too go for a bike ride this weekend but my PT, Don, told me to give it another week.  I've also been opiate-free since my last post.  Woohoo!

My classes are on Fridays from 9-3.  I took healthy snacks and a low-cal lunch and I survived the day without eating something that made me feel bad about myself.  During my second class we were given a break and I went to Java City and treated myself to an iced green tea.  Instead of my usual Splenda sweetener, I asked for one pump of passionfruit flavoring.  It was quite delicious and probably only added around 20 calories to my drink.  Yes, it's probably made from HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) but you have to remember to live a little.  Also, I'm not sure they make flavored syrups with natural cane sugar.  Anyone know?

My only issues with my education versus my health was that my sciatic nerve gets pinched really easily in those damn desks.  It makes me cranky.  This was really a factor in the 2nd class of the day (12-3 pm), where the professor insisted that we be "mindful" of how our actions affect the class and the discussion.  I couldn't figure out how the class would be affected by my standing up and rubbing my arse... so I just sat there and tried to ignore it.  :-D

This weekend was spent trying to enjoy the last weekend that I won't be super bogged down with papers and studying.  Kevin and I just enjoyed each others' company and toasted our final bottle of Korbel champagne to me being in my final year of grad school. Last night was our Fantasy Football draft for our League.  My brothers, Brian and David, have joined and I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with them.  I feel like I don't talk to them enough and the football season allows for lots of smack-talking.  I also hope I beat them, but that's less my sisterly side and more my competitive bitch showing through. I'm not perfect.

I begin my internship tomorrow, one day later than everyone else due to some confusion around who my supervisor is.  I'm using the day for homework and thesis. I've already made great progress on the questionnaire for my project and now that I have a freshly brewed glass of iced coffee I think it's time to move on to my readings for practice class.  The book is called Clinical assessment and diagnosis in Social work practice by Corcoran & Walsh.  The title suggests I'll be bored to death.  We'll see.

I can survive just one more year of school.  Just two semesters.  I can do this.



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  1. Yes you can! You are an awesome survivor. Think about me the quitter...I am just starting the first of my 4 semesters. Although I gotta say this stuff is pretty damn interesting.