Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ah, PT...

Now, I can't state that I'm at 100% after physical therapy today, but I can tell it helped.  I felt like a bit dork just floating in the pool and moving my legs around, but at the same time I think I needed to feel weightless for some time.
Mary (No Don for me today) worked on me before the pool.  Whatever she did, the sciatic pain I was feeling this morning is no longer shooting down my leg, making walking difficult.

I took advantage of this moment of feeling-like-I-could-walk to go to Target.  Ever since grad school, lupus, etc., my nice NY&Co pants I bought for court early last year are a bit... *clears throat*... snug. So, I needed to rectify that.  On Sunday I have to go buy some new black slip-ons and maybe some new homevisit shoes.  I feel like people have been staring at my black tennis shoes...  And then something happened to the buttons on my other ones...

That something's name is Spartacus.

It's always fun to go buy new work shoes, though:
"Uh, yes, saleslady?  I need some sort of black shoes that are comfortable, easy to run in at a moments notice, totally closed-toed because I may be stepping in feces, but still stylish.  Preferably I could wear them to court too, hopefully without setting off any metal detectors...  Oh, and maybe a bit cheap, too- just in case I need to burn them instead of trying to clean them off.  Do you have anything like that?"
I think I'm going to check out Payless first.  If I find good homevisit/office shoes there I'll let myself buy some cuter flats for court and date nights.

I need to get to my homework, though.... preferably before I fall asleep next to this adorable dog who is napping on the bed.  Could YOU resist that face?  Not a chance!

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