Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just a quick post.

I haven't written in a week.  Such is the life of a socialworkergradstudentwife.
I was planning on posting due to the arrival of my monthly friend (who I haven't actually seen in months).  I, frankly, was not expecting it, but it's always nice to be reminded that I'm not quite going to be a mother just yet.  I also was not expecting how different my period and its symptoms would be on this new birth control pill.  It used to be that I would have back pain and cramps within the first couple hours of my period making its debut.  At the most, I would go to sleep with pain and wake up feeling fine.  Not anymore, it would appear.  My back was constantly aching.  It was a ton of fun.
This is what made physical therapy yesterday so awesomful (awesome and awful, if you're new).  All that aching had done some major damage, it appeared.  Don tortured me for a good half hour.  I was swearing, near-crying, squirming, and I damn near kicked Don in the head while he worked his magic on my lower back and my sciatic nerve.  After I recovered from nearly dying I got a great workout in the pool.
....and then I went to the movies and had a sushi dinner with friends and ruined all that lovely progress I made.
Oh well.
But, I have decided that I will continue going to PT once a week on Thursdays.  If I tell myself it's a medical appointment I won't break it for homework.  If I pencil in "workout" instead I will certainly end up reading about Schizophrenia instead.
...which is what I'm supposed be doing now.
Maybe I'll do better this week.  I'll walk the dog in the evenings, give myself hand treatments in the warm paraffin wax, ignore the candy dish at work.... I'll be awesome!  Or I could be just as "fly by the seat of my pants" as I always am.

....BTW, best bud Cassie comes in on Friday.  I'm hoping for some wine tasting, a picnic, some cooking, and some time apart from Kevin.  I love my husband, but you all know what I mean.  :)

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