Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is Here!

It took awhile, but it's arrived in California.  I swear we hit triple digits today.  I enjoy the heat, but have come to have a complicated relationship with summer.  Lupus tends to eff up some of the joys of the seasons.  For example, I will probably never partake in a snowball fight ever again.  Similarly, laying out by the lake is now something that takes a lot of effort to prepare for and I'm often so preoccupied I can't enjoy it for long.
I'm talking about that beautiful, scorching, California sun.

Sun... sun... Mr. Golden Sun... please shine down on me! don't sear my flesh!

I've been trying my best to stay on top of things, but it's really difficult to remember to put on sunscreen all the damn time.  Before home visits, before taking out the trash, before walking the dog...  it's a bit insane.  I've found a new favorite- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer.
Normally I rock Banana Boat, but it feels so icky to wear throughout the day, especially when I'm going to work.  This stuff is fantastic, minus the price.  At Costco they have a two-pack for around fifteen bucks.  Kinda steep for two dinky bottles.  But, one in my purse and one in my desk at work keeps my face from itchy, blistery, red ickyness.
In the latest Lupus Foundation newsletter, they featured an article on sun sensitivity.  Not much that I didn't already know, except the information about sensitivity to indoor lighting.  That stuff was pretty bonkers.  I'm not sure if I'm bothered by this or not, never stopped to think of it.  I wonder how one figures it out...
Anywho, they also discussed the fashionable* world of protective clothing, which I've been contemplating for some time now.  I just can't seem to pull the trigger, though.

I LOVE this wrap, but it's sixty bucks!  If I had this cuteness, would I wear it all the time?  Is it light enough to wear in these hot California summers?  And finally, which freaking color would/should I buy so that I can wear it with everything?  Seriously, for sixty bucks I'm not buying more than one color.

 What do you think?  Pull the trigger?  I like the green...

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  1. Is this the sweater that you got? It is cute - and so worth the cost! Yes, green. You look particularly cute in green!