Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a "What's for dinner?" weekend post!

I feel a bit poorly that most of my recent posts have been uploads.  Only a bit, though.  So, I thought I would be a good blogger.
This week is our first week of no school and no house guests (although I loved having them!).  It would have been totally normal except that I may have jury duty... so I actually have no clue if I will be working or if I will be in a courtroom.  Word on the street is that they prefer to not have social workers on juries...similar to cops.  We'll see.  I'll try to refrain from using the word "baby snatcher" if they ask about my career choice.
                                           ...... I keed, I keed...
Anywho, it's time to eat healthy again (and slow down a bit on the alcohol, perhaps).  So, I rocked a menu using a nice mix of Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Chef MD, and some SkinnyTaste.  A friend of mine who enjoys a nice balance of spinach and skittles in her life does Meal Planning Monday- which is a wonderful alliteration that I'm a bit jealous of (go visit her blog, she's great and she lives in my hometown.  I prefer Jelly Bellies myself but to each her own.).  Since I can't go shopping during the week due to laziness  a busy and unpredictable life I tried to come up what to call my meal planning posts since I always do my planning somewhere in the Friday-Sunday range.  And so.......

"What's for dinner?"  Weekend posts were born!

Office Max is nice and cheap.
They were born just now.  Did you see?  Did you like my flair?  It's a pity it was followed up with a menu on a legal pad.  Maybe I should type it or grab some colored pencils or something....
Also, pay no attention to my poor thumb with it's bitten nail.
                                 ....I digress.
When doing your menu planning, don't worry if you have to use arrows to move stuff around.  I plan based on what I have on hand and what is on sale.  For example, we have leftover pineapple from the party last week for our salad tomorrow.  Zucchini is coming into season and is going on sale (yay!).  Oh, and I impulse-purchased canned salmon a month ago from Costco (hence the burgers).  Sometimes as I'm writing the menu I realize that a certain meal would be better cooked on a different day due to home visits in the evening or having a high-exercise day or whatever.  Sometimes I re-do my menus when I move stuff around.  Sometimes I re-do it when I misspell things too.  I'm a perfectionist. Don't fear the arrows, though.  
It's also a good idea to mark on your menu if you need to marinade something overnight or a fresh loaf of bread is needed.  Just for reference.
I'm excited for healthy eating this week and to discover what this jury duty thing will hold.  I've been rocking some yoga and my exercise bike... adding in good food instead of Carl's Jr. (which is good for the soul, just not good for my love handles) will only make me feel better. 

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