Sunday, May 1, 2011

How very domestic of me!

Every once in awhile I have a moment.  I realize that I'm married and I realize that I'm a grown-up.
This, as you can imagine, sucks.
The grown-up part... not the married part!
I love you, Kevin!
Nah, yesterday I just was very aware of how very domestic we are.  We bought a tomato cage, we went to costco, we bought groceries and commented on the price of ground beef.  We had croque monsieurs and salad for dinner.  I'm not sure if French sandwiches are domestic or not, but I thought I would mention it.  Also, they were quite delicious.  Ham + Bread + Swiss + Dijion Mustard= Delicious.  Did I mention it's cooked in a butter coated skillet?  Damn, I love the French.

I digress.
The thing about domestic is that while it's a bit shocking when you remember that you're twenty-three years old.  And then you sit down on your couch with your husband and your hive-covered dog (poor thing, he's better now), and then you realize how comfortable domestic is.  Domestic is safe.  Domestic is supportive.  Domestic doesn't flare up my lupus.
I have a friend who also has lupus.  She's single and she loves to go out drinking and dancing.  That just sounds exhausting, doesn't it? To each his own, I suppose.  When we go out it usually involves a bar with chairs and the expectation that you can wear jeans and tennis shoes.  And we're home by 11... at the latest! We love a good time but it's nice wake up at a decent hour the next morning and not need to nurse a hangover. 
Next weekend is the grand opening of Old Folsom- there's a Johnny Cash cover band and tons of sales.  We're  going to hit up some antique shops.  Maybe I'll find a new early addition book to add to my collection. It's going to be off the hizzie!
If I had been born in a different decade.... *swoon*

Where do you lie on the spectrum of domestic to party animal?  Are there certain aspects of yourself/your life that has led you to prefer that lifestyle?

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