Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days...where everything is just awesome?  Everything! Unexpected things, things that aren't great on the surface- they all turned out just swimmingly!  My mind was just set to transform my experiences into a learning process, into a find-the-silver-lining deal. It was phenomenal.  Check me out- being all bright and shiny!
I woke up after a good, deep, night of sleep- feeling refreshed and mostly pain-free.  I was running late to physical therapy and had to come back to the apartment to grab my lunch after.  This normally would have annoyed me.  But, Nikki worked my knots out of my neck while I daydreamed about my upcoming graduation.  I mixed a healthy lunch at home of leftover Kheema-spiced ground beef, avocado, tomatoes, and some grapes.  A couple squares of chocolate may have made it in there, too.  It may have contributed to my good mood.
It was some of this guy.  Normally, I'm a dark chocolate girl.  I'm pretty strict on this.  Don't mess with me and my dark chocolate addiction.  If it has sea salt in it you best step back.

Anywho, (back to happy) work was great.  After a home visit I used the GPS on my phone to get back to the office.  It took me a strange way.  I kept waiting for a psycho with a hook for a hand to step out in front of my car. Then, I looked around.  Beautiful wildflowers, creeks running at full blast from the Spring melt-off, old barns.  Then, goats... don't even get me started on goats. Next thing I knew, a baby cow!  I then died of cuteness overload and almost ran off the road.  If I had my camera I wouldn't have made it back to work.
A taste of the gorgeousness.
My day continued be wonderful and I couldn't shake my good mood.  I even warned a coworker that I might annoy her with my spunk.  She said "please don't".  She was kidding, I'm sure.  I hope.

So, my question to all of you out there in blogger/lupus land....

What did you miss today when you were only thinking about the destination?

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