Thursday, October 21, 2010


Since I'm already distracted from my homework I figured I might as well type just a little bit here.  Life has been good.... a bit achey, but good.
What has me distracted you may ask?   Oh... nothing.  Just Halloween.  AND CHEESE!
The party is around one week away.  I'm getting nervous.  I have at least ten people coming.  I have a costume (Joan of Arc, now).  And I've started buying decorations.  And today I made cheese puffs.
These cheese puffs are from the Pioneer Woman collection.  I liked her description of these little nibbles.  Bake in the day (before I was born, for sure), appetizers for parties were easy.  Nothing fancy.  No crazy ingredients you couldn't find or pronounce.  These cheese puffs have cheddar, Dijon mustard, cream cheese, butter, garlic, shallot, and egg whites.  Then you dip French bread cubes into this delicious fondue-like sauce.  Then you bake them.
Needless to say, they are VERY good for you.  Especially the soul part of you.
The recipe can be found here. I'm not going to post a picture for fear of infringing on copyright stuff.
The best part is that you can freeze them, uncooked, and then throw them on a cookie sheet the night of the party.  It's going to be a big help.  The meatballs I'll be making are a crockpot food (easy), which just leaves me with my stuffed mushrooms and sangria.
Before the day comes we need to clean.  Big time.  I also have this great plan of taking all of our condiments and such out of the fridge and hiding them in a cooler in the closet.  To make room for beer.  Thoughts?  It's just a small fridge and I'd like to be able to keep beverages cold.
The other thing on our to-do list is to buy a shelf to go behind the couch.  That means, off to Ikea! The shelf, which we've been wanting for awhile, will make more space for food and such.
Yes, the shelves are irregular.  Because we're hip like that.

But before the party I REALLY should work on my homework.  I have class that Sunday and I'm betting that I may not be in the homework mood the day after the party.  Probably more-so in the cleaning and sleeping in mood.

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