Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm very lucky

I felt mostly terrible the entire weekend, but I had my Kevin.  :)  When my hands were aching terribly he did the dishes for me.  When I had a migraine while we were out and about and I needed to settle my stomach with some food he turned into a McDonalds and ordered me a McChicken.  And when I flipped out because it appeared that the pharmacy had given me the wrong medicine, he affirmed my feelings.  I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband.

The medicine I'm speaking of is my birth control.  I'm finally throwing in the town with these once-monthly periods.  I switched for peace-of-mind, and instead got terrible flares, cramps, and backaches.  Kevin and I talked over our options and decided that it wouldn't do for me to be miserable for a week every month.  So, I'm going back on Jolessa.  As for the peace-of-mind, we've agreed to keep pregnancy tests on-hand for any time I feel the slightest bit funny.  Yes, I'm paranoid.  But it's not baby-time.

I spent some time talking to my friend Maria about this.  She also has a diagnosis and it's just fantastic to have someone to compare treatments and symptoms with.  We had a discussion about how we can't have "surprises".   We sometimes take some pretty hardcore meds that would be pretty detrimental to a fetus.  Vicodin, steroids, blood thinners, etc... not to mention my nightly glass(es) of wine.  I think the closer we get to actually thinking about starting our family the more worried I get that it will happen before we're ready.  I'm hoping to be able to make my body a bit stronger before that time comes and to have more support close-by in case I get put on bed rest, as well as for after the baby is born for childcare.

Babies are stressful, even before you have them!  Yikes.

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