Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chilly days and heating pads

I had such big plans for today.  Hump day was going to be conquered with a great workout at the gym, de-glutening my pantry, doing some paperwork, and writing a positive blog post about rising above negativity.  I even included a picture of a goat:

How can you not be positive when looking at that adorableness?
My plans first were foiled by Winter coming to California.  Taking the dog out chilled me to the bone.  I snuggled up to Spartacus with a mug of hot coffee and defrosted my toes before heading to the gym (the walk to which turned me purple again).  Cramps got me off the rowing machine in under six minutes, and I lasted on the Nordic Track just 24 minutes before I started doubling over.  I thought exercise was supposed to ease cramping?
Anyway, I came home and made myself a couple slices of gluten-free French toast to settle a wicked maple syrup craving. 
I ate it.
My wonderful hormone fluctuations aren't the only thing putting me on the brink of a flare.  For some inane reason, my insurance company decided that mail-order prescriptions were the way to go.  I am way too much of a spazz to remember to order things in advance.  Plus, because the insurance is through my husband's work, he is the one with access to the system to place orders. So, I have to remember to need to order my prescription, plus to tell my husband (and make sure he remembers, too!).  To get to the point of this rather boring paragraph, I've been sans-plaquenil for four days.  
So far, so pseudo-good.  But I'm definitely trying to take it easy.  
Speaking of which, I've got a date with my physical therapist I should jet off to.  I'm not sure how much pilates I'll be doing today, but I do know I'm looking forward to getting some of these knots worked out.
How is your hump day going?

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