Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodbye, Don- Hello, Santa!

My physical therapist broke some bad news to me this morning.  Apparently, I'm at the point in my physical therapy that the insurance company is getting cranky.  I've made too much progress and insurance companies are about continued progress- not maintenance- and certainly not training me to be a long distance cyclist.  So, December 19th is my final day with my good friend and PT of the last two years, Don.  

In these next three sessions (frownie face) we are transitioning me to be ready for strength exercises at the gym and at home.  Now, I know I said I was contemplating P90X, but I am terrified about flying solo.  Who is going to make sure my form is correct?  What about stretching?  And I'm too deeply in love with pilates to say goodbye so soon- how is my core going to continue to be strengthened? Gah.

El Dorado Physical Therapy will always be there for future referrals- it's just that in-between stuff that's scary.  I do stupid stuff all the time, and it always negatively impacts my neck and/or my lupus.  Once, I challenged my husband to a pull-up competition.  I couldn't turn my neck the next day (but I won!).  I also occasionally decide to scrub my bathtub on my hands and knees, sometimes I play superman and horsey with my nephews, and roller coasters are way too fun to pass up. Hopefully, the progress that I've made will prevent these mini flares from destroying me.

I owe all of my progress to El Dorado Physical Therapy.  If you are in the El Dorado Hills/Folsom area and need a physical therapist, masseuse, or personal trainer, contact them.  Then tell them Kara referred you- I think I get movie tickets or something or a pilates session or something.

So, with whatever this new exercise routine will be I'm going to need a new more pieces of equipment:
Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor
Pilates Magic Circle
Arthritis-Friendly Dumbells
Stability Ball
And just a few more things- lifting gloves with wrist support, those yoga toe socks I keep bringing up (*ahem*), maybe some extra fitness clothes.  It's a good thing that Christmas is coming up.  It's a pity that my regular gift givers are not regular Sisyphean Effort readers.  Dommage.  Looks like I'll be shopping for Kara this holiday season.

What's on your holiday wish list? Going practical or fun in your letter to Santa?

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