Friday, October 28, 2011

Guess what I'm up to...

I'm drinking this swill. I've had some uti symptoms since Saturday. Normally I drink a ton of water and at least one bottle of this juice (NOT cranberry cocktail), and it goes away. Not so much this time. I thought my back was hurting from shitty conference room chairs, but eventually it was obvious that it was my left kidney. It very quickly progressed to a high level of pain.
One trip to urgent care, a cup of my urine, and a lecture from the nurse practitioner later, I'm back home. So, I'm on Cipro, I have a heating pad on my back, and I ate my usual "feel better meal" of a famous star with extra pickles (with a bun, to cushion the meds)- I should live.
Can't wait to post pictures tomorrow of the hubby and I, in costume for the exotic halloween ball! (I will feel better by then.)
Happy Friday, all.
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