Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whoops, it's almost been a week.

Life has been busy.  The Super Bowl was this weekend and we had to clean the apartment.  Plus, I was feeling like poop. Yeah, I'm aware that my feeling like poop is supposed to drive this blog, but for some reason my motivation was down.  I bet it's connected to the feeling like poop, though.
My body is returning to normalcy... a round of steroids followed by a round of antibiotics.  My body is done calling me a bitch to my face but I think it's still holding a grudge.  I haven't been able to rock any sort of yoga for a while due to some on-going wrist pain.  A co-worker of mine has shared in our team meetings that she's a yoga enthusiast, so I decided to go to her for guidance...
Dolphin Pose
My co-worker suggested the dolphin pose as a replacement for downward facing dog (although she called it "down dog", which made me think I must be a real newbie since I don't know what the cool people call it!).  She then suggested doing a sort of "plank" to work your abs a bit more.  I think I'm going to give it a shot!  Thanks Loni!

'I probably won't have a chance to try this out until next week.  I leave for Spokane on Friday after class.  I feel like after all this bodily drama and all the hard work I've been doing at my internship I deserve a weekend of nephews, dining out, and laughing politely at stories I've heard eight million times before.  Excited!
Now, I should be working on my Title-IVE crap....

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