Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's see here....

I'm trying to see if I can bust out a blog post before I pass out from my meds....
My Spokane trip was wonderful- I got to see family and friends.  Unfortunetly, my favorite Thai place was closed.  I'll have to wait until August.
On Sunday my UTI decided to show it's face again- and it came back with a vengence.  Being in Spokane, all I could do as wait until I got back into town. I also developed a migraine.  The end of my trip was definitely not fun.

I called my Doc on Monday while waiting at some airport.  I was told that he didn't want to prescribe me anything until he had a culture done to see what kind of acteria I was fighting.  That made me want to cry, but I told him I would go first thing n Tuesday before work.

I had left my car at the airport (well, Kevin's car) so I got the lovely privilege of driving home in rush hour traffic.  On highway 50, within spitting distance of my last car crash, the bitch behind me decided to change her radio station.

Crash.  Rear-ended.

No pictures, sorry.

BTFW- who needs to take their eyes off the road to change the radio station?  Oy vey. In stop and go traffic, none the less!  I am looking forward to my first experience with having the person at fault not run away.  Hopefully she has insurance.

Long story short, I'm really goddamn sore.  I'm on muscle relaxers and viccodin.  And on that note, things are getting fuzzy so I'm going to take a nap.

Oh, right, the UTI.  Dr. Mansour was kind enough to write me an Rx fore antibiotics while we wait to the results.  Hopefully I'm on my way to good health.

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