Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank goodness for port!

So, I ran out of Vicodin which limits my pain killer options.  Turns out having a car accident, bronchitis, sciatica, and arthritis (all one after the other and/or together) really demands narcotics.  This means that I'm coping with my current terrible arthritis pain by having a glass of port and watching Grey's Anatomy.  In related news, Kevin will probably start getting a headache soon.  He just can't handle his port... it certainly isn't the mind-numbing, terrible drama that I enjoy for some reason.
I miss the original cast.  I miss Georgie.
I slept horridly last night- every time I switched positions I hit/moved/laid on something that was achey.  So it woke me up.  It sucked. I was cranky today.
I went to the doctor today to discuss that ten-day issue that I blogged about last.  Except now it was a twelve-day issue.  *face palm*  I was in the doctor's office for over an hour before I saw the actual physician.      I had reserved a half hour of my day to the doctor's appointment with a half hour afterwards for either more appointment or getting labs done.  My doctor told me basically that it was a hormone imbalance.  No questions.  No sympathetic ear regarding my fears of miscarriage or my clotting disorder.  She filled out a lab slip for me and sent me out the door with a brief apology for being "late" to see me.  At what point does late stop being late and turn into something I can be angry about it?  15 minutes?  30?  An hour?  Seriously?  Seriously.
Meredith Grey says "seriously" a lot.  It's one of the things I like about her.  That and her admittance that bright and shiny is hard to pull off when there's lots of dark and twisty going on.
I like that kind of honesty in a television show.

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  1. I miss the original cast too. George and Izzy were my favorites. Well before Izzy went all crazy.