Friday, December 3, 2010

thanks, lupus!

It's thirty minutes until class starts. I'm blogging on my phone-how hip and techie of me.For the past week I've been waKing up more tired than when I laid my head down the night before. I thought it was the vicodin at first, but no-just general fatigue.
I was pondering on my way to school what I would write on that page of my thesis where I get to thank people. Obviously, my husband is first on that list. His patience and understanding and his support in my graduate school quest has been amazing. I wouldn't be here today without him. My grandparents are going to be on that page as well-they don't understand my desire to be a social worker but they still listen to me rant about school and clients with interest. My thesis is on sexuality, a taboo topic to their generation, but they have never spoke a bad word about my topic or my passion for advocating for the LGBTQ population. I'm very fortunate.
But to my main point: Would it be weird to thank lupus? I am so strong because of my disease. People are struggling in this semester of grad school. A cold or a difficult paper brings other students to their knees. Their minds wander to quiting or failure. Never for me. I feel like I can accomplish anything. Thank you, lupus. I would be quite the wimp without you.
So... Thoughts? Should I give a portion of a page to recognizing how lupus has strengthened me?

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  1. It looks like you have mastered the art of thankfulness. Good for you. Quite literally.