Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The semester is officially over with the exception of the silly requirement that I need to snail mail a copy of my thesis to my advisor. I made it clear in our last meeting that my draft would be much more like a rough outline, but he still insists that I mail it instead of emailing it. Sigh.
I'm so thankful to be finished for the semester. I've been sleeping in and trying to take it east. However, my joints seem to get pissed off due to the most ridiculous things. I did the dishes two days ago and I still can't type (what I'm currently doing is using maybe four fingers, total). My knees are also killing me. This could have been caused by wearing my shapeups for too long of a time or wrapping presents on the floor yesterday. Regardless, it's silly.
But, work needs to be done before we go to Spokane. I'll have to find the strength somewhere. Speaking of which, I went in to be reevaluated at physical therapy. It's this stupid deal that the insurance people want. They measure my range and my strength, blah blah blah. Not surprisingly, I've gotten worse. I've lost so much strength in the past year and a half. I feel so weak... constantly. My doctor asks me if it's because of my lupus or because of grad school that I don't exercise. My answer is "yes?" Next semester will be better. Stay tuned.
Since it's obvious that my thesis won't be worked on until after a paraffin wax treatment, I guess I should go wrap more presents. Pray for my knees.

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