Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This little lupie has been busy!  First, I'll do the lupus-related updates:

My blood work (and pee work, if we're being technical) came back from the most recent round of tests.  Everything looks better than it has in quite awhile, my rheumy was very impressed.  Other than some joint inflammation and my usual issues with the sun, everything is just peachy.

You saw my sweet shades from getting my eyes dialated.  My eyes are also doing just fine, no bad mojo from my plaquenil.  Also, I didn't get scolded for not wearing my glasses, so that was nice.

Physical therapy is going really well.  I've been rocking the pool twice a week for now but Don has also been sneaking in some pilates as well.  The stronger I get, the better.  

So, those are my lupus updates.  The other issue with being able to post recently had to do with my job.  Child welfare does not wait while you're on vacation, so I was very busy when I got back to the office.  In addition, I spent the time while I was on vacation pondering what direction I'm going to go with my life.  Volunteering isn't paying the bills and CalSWEC isn't going to count those hours towards payback any longer.  Part of why I've been so busy is that I'm preparing to leave my job, my cases, my kiddos.  It makes me sad, I'm not going to lie.  Plus, I am not a great lady of leisure.  Having nothing to do makes me depressed.

With all of this stress and the hectic-ness of these big decisions, work, and getting back from a long trip with family, the hubs and I are looking for a getaway.  Looking forward to a couples massage soon!

Hope you all are well!

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